TWO Kross Home CD Audio Stereo Systems + FREE delivery ONLY $59.95

11 December 2008


This Buy One Get One Free Stereo System is the best of its kind!

Buy one stereo and get the second one ABSOLUTELY FREE! That means you can give one to a friend, or keep one for the spare room! What an amazing deal!

Each stereo features 2 speakers with inbuilt tweeter and woofer. The main amplifier unit has FM/AM radio inbuilt and also SBSS super bass functionality for enhanced sound quality. A stylish slimline remote control is included with each stereo set. Fantastic.

Our price is the best in Australia! Our competitors are selling the exact same product for $49.95 - but only for ONE system! At SoldSmart you get TWO systems for just $59.95!!!

Here's the proof: Our price beats the DealsDireect price by far!

***from bargainhunter: I included the DD link because the reviews for the product on the DD site are 5*.


  • lilpretzel
    Now that's HOT! Hope you don't mind bargainhunter I just added the price to the title ;)
  • jackyblue
    That is HOT but it seems ridiculously cheap ... is it all legit?
  • jackyblue
    Does anyone know what sort of sound quality these put out?
  • bargainhunter
    Thanks for the addition, lilpretzel! I was in a rush to score the deal. *grin* I ended up buying another two for the potential 8% cashback. I've dealt with SoldSmart in the past and have had service on par with DealsDirect (great, no complaints). If you check the DD link, you'll find reviews for the product. I saw 5 reviews and they all had high praise for the unit itself, 5 stars out of 5 which is unusual for a low end product. Returns seem easy - I dealt with them when they were eBay sellers and had no problem with a return then - and feel comfortable with their return policy. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, it should be painless.
  • olebaby
    They have now put the price up to 69.95! Not sure when or why :~
  • bargainhunter
    Oops, they forgot to change the price in the description, just above the link to the DD offer. If you're lucky and email them, they may let you have it for $59.95.
  • lilpretzel
    Availability: Out of Stock!
  • lilpretzel
    It was $59.95 at 12.30 on the product page :christmas-tree: They would be losing out on this deal, if you factor in how much it would cost to send 2 via TNT with Free Shipping they aren't getting much back for the 2 systems :xmas7: Nice find bargainhunter, shame they have SOLD OUT! I hope a few Buckscoopers scored some :xmas3:
  • jackyblue
    Damn ... was too busy being sceptical and missed out. Free postage is the best. Has anyone spotted any other similar deals around??

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