Twilight Book by Stephenie Meyer $5.95 @ Fishpond PLUs Bucky cashback

30 January 2009

The 2006 edition of twilight for $5.95 ($12 inc. shipping unless you spend a total of $50 on books and then free shipping)


  • nod
    Thanks Rthomson - I just added a few more details to your title - hope you don't mind
  • kingyubbo
    Saves about $5 if you get the single book itself. They're $17 at BigW
  • lilpretzel
    ]Twilight is only $14.85 shipped at The Book Depository ;)
  • kingyubbo
    ]Twilight is only $14.85 shipped at The Book Depository ;)
    Seems they're all around that price. I actually got my copy from BigW but it was the 2008 Special Edition (not sure how it's different). You can also get the paperback copy with the movie inspired front cover (edward and bella on the front). Still this is an excellent deal if you're going to get other books in the series as a bulk buy (for free shipping).

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