Tori Amos 2 for one tickets from Ticketek

10 November 2009

There seems to be a few 2 for 1 deals around for Tori Amos - but this would be the cheapest I've seen.

2 A reserve tickets for the riverside theatre come in at $129.


  • admin EDITOR
    Greatseats - another vendor are selling the same 2 for 1 tickets for $169.
  • thedreamer81
    I paid full price and reckon she is worth it :D so go see her for less and enjoy!
  • admin EDITOR
    what was the original full price thedreamer - $169?
  • thedreamer81
    I brought mine for the QLD concert, A grade is $129 on Qtix so im guessing the same elsewhere B Grade was $99.
  • kazyazy
    I went last time she was here...not my kind of music

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