TIP: Find the cheapest book incl 2nd hand, using Booko & this tip

16 March 2010

I am sure many of us know about booko.com.au, where you can search for the cheapest book incl delivery to Australia. The problem is, Booko only searches for new books. If you're willing to buy 2nd hand, you can save a bundle.

I recently found this out when buying the Lonely PLanet book 'The Travel Book'. This large pictorial retails new for $75 at LP, and can be found delivered for around $30 new. I found it at Betterworld Books 2nd hand for $14 AUD delivered!

So, if 2nd hand is an option, make sure you search:

- http://www.betterworldbooks.com/

- http://www.elizabethsbookshop.com.au/

- http://www.ozbookshop.com.au/

- Ebay & Oztion

You can also try Amazon US and UK marketplaces as some sellers on there sell 2nd hand and ship to Australia - I always find it difficult to find those who ship here though.

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