Tim Wintons Breath for $22.49 at Fishpond.com.au

5 September 2008

I'll list this as its a good price for buying in Aus, but if your really after the cheapest check amazon.com. The price different between the same book in Aus vs America vs UK prices is quite surprising. Obviously they feel its worth more in the Aus market, where they'll make their money.

Anyway its still a $35 book elsewhere.

Fishpond have a number of 50% off deals valid for today only. Have listed the newsletter page that shows all the deals. Orders > $50 get free shipping.


  • labgirl
    good price, and a good read
  • nod
    Thanks Donkey. Fishpond have some good books out on their 50% off days So you could recommend it Labgirl? I really enjoyed 'CloudStreet' when I read it years ago and another book I can't remember the name of.
  • labgirl
    If you liked Cloudstreet, you will also like Breath. Winton is one of my favourite writers
  • admin EDITOR
    I've added the two $10 off first order and free shipping vouchers to the deal. Not sure whether they are useable or not with the 50% off - pretty sure the free shipping is. Tim Winton writes great books. Havent yeat read this one but have read most of his others. Cloudstreet was excellent. I read it while overseas years ago and it literally transported me home each time I got into it.
  • mouldgirl
    3 books delivered for $50. Thanks Life of Pi mean to read that for ages Breath To Kill a Mocking Bird :)

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