THIS IS TRUE - Want to know what to do with the weak US dollar?

4 March 2008

I love Randy Cassingham's email newsletters.... been a fan for years.

Well, with the US dollar in a hole, I am renewing my subs and thought others may be interested.

From the site:
"This is True is e-mailed to subscribers in more than 200 countries. If you aren't already subscribed, here is how you can have bizarre-but-true stories sent to your mailbox every week. There are two options. Either way, the text of This is True is for your personal use only -- it may not be reprinted, posted on the web, read over the air on radio or TV, etc., or posted to other mailing lists without prior, written permission.

Why should I subscribe?

We protect your privacy: Our e-mail privacy statement explains it all.

Option One, Premium. Get all the True stories every week for just $24/year with these features:

* Arrives much sooner than the other feed.
* You get the entire column, not the abbreviated selection in the free feed.
* No third-party advertising to interrupt your reading.
* You get a 20% discount on This is True book collections, with no minimum or maximum -- if you're buying books as gifts (a great idea), this benefit could easily pay for your Premium subscription!

Here's how: For instant online ordering with credit/debit cards, click here for a secure online order page or click here for more information

Option Two, Free:

* Includes about half the stories of the Premium edition.
* No charge (see Terms of Service below) -- supported by advertising in the text, clearly marked so you know what is what.
* Transmitted about a week after the "paid" feed.
* Easy: just sign up right here!"

Obviously, the links in there won't work. Go to the site to check out the sample issues, and to sign up for the free edition. I highly recommend the paid edition - nutty but true news stories from around the world, and all with Randy's witty taglines.

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  • ScarletRubies
    Randy has a bunch of other sites, but one, ]Groxx carries news articles which are of the funny-but-true nature. He's got some great sites to bookmark and visit regularly.

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