TheHut - Mini Ninjas (PS3 / Wii Game) - From $20 Delivered

19 May 2010

The price for Mini Ninjas at TheHut is £9.93 + £2.35 postage, works out at arround $20 or so.

The best price I can see this for the PS3 is $80.

You can get it cheap for the Wii & DS too (it actually gets better reviews on the wii at about 80% compared tp 75% for ps3 - about 60% on DS) it will work out at about $27 or so including postage for the wii & DS versions, which is still a great price as the next best I can see is $60+


  • mouldgirl
    $80 is a lot to ay for a kids game that they get bored with very quickly. Not a very challenging game according to my wise old (cough) nephew. I would consider buying it for $20 delivered
  • tagustinus
    20$ looks good, never see this game at that price here in Sydney.
  • admin EDITOR
    Now that its been out for a while the price has dropped to between £14.85 for the Wii version to $5.85 for the PC one, with the other platforms in between. Comes with freebie shipping.

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