The Crikey Christmas Pack : $245 value for $125

20 November 2007

Its funny, controversial, thought-provoking, great value and, crucially, bouncy.

The Crikey Christmas Pack gives you $245 value for $125 , including:

* The Chaser Annual 2007 - Before the Chaser team inexplicably
attracted audiences with their TV series The War on Everything ,
over many years they failed to attract them producing print-based
satire. Their eighth and latest annual continues that proud tradition.
(RRP $28.00)

* Enough Rope 'Stirrers' (Double DVD) - Here's a collection of guests
that specialise in rubbing people up the wrong way Pink, Tim
Flannery, Germaine Greer, John Safran, Michael Franti, Helen Caldicott, Michael Leunig, Peter Singer, Billy Bragg, Pauline Hanson and Ciaron OReilly

* Four Classic Quarterly essays: Australian Politics - A way to make
sense of the election year that was. Clive Hamilton, Judith Brett and
Amanda Lohrey cover the Labor, Liberal and Green parties, and Raimond Gaita looks beyond party politics to consider morality, truth and the war on terror.
(RRP $29.95)

* The Crikey Beach Ball - Why? Why not? After all the politicking, who
wouldnt enjoy some carefree time with a colourful, spherical object that wouldnt know a press conference from a Lebanese cucumber.
(Usually priceless, but for now RRP $12.00)

* 14 Months of Crikey for the price of a 12 month subscription. You'll get the full election post-mortem, as well as coverage of the US elections next year. Fresh, independent insight - you can't beat it.
(Worth $145.00)

We did the maths - that's $245 in value . But you can snap it up for much, much less - here are your options:

1 year subscription: $125, 2 year subscription: $200

Small Print: Christmas Packs not available for concession subscriptions.

For gift subscriptions, call 1800 985 502. For other subscription enquiries, click here .

Christmas Packs will be mailed on Friday 7th December and Tuesday 18th December.


  • ScarletRubies
  • nod
    Hey Ruby The link simply goes to the image. Is there a deep link we can use to see the deal?
  • ScarletRubies
    Yes, I did that on purpose. It was part of my plan to .... [SIZE="1"]Oh for heaven's sake, how many times can I fluff up my deals today??? :o[/SIZE]
  • nod
    :D ooopss I do it a lot too :D

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