The Butterfly Effect Trilogy Blu-ray is $15.40 delivered at Amazon

1 July 2013

Amazon has a great price on The Butterfly Effect Trilogy, it is going at $15.40 inclusive of delivery charges. This is an excellent deal as it is more than double at other outlets. DVD Land has it at $36.90 shipped and over at JB Hi Fi you can get just part one and two for $38.98.


  • MissSparrow
    I actually didn’t even realise the movie was part of a trilogy, I’d only seen the first one with Ashton Kutcher where he gave a pretty solid performance (big improvement from the “Dude where’s my car?” days) so it might be interesting to check out where things went in part two and three of The Butterfly Effect.
  • Captainjack
    Same here, hadn't realised there was a trilogy but kudos to Kutcher in the original "Butterfly Effect" - his first decent onscreen performance IMO. Would be interested in checking out the other two films.

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