The Beatles Rock Band for PS3 - $49.99 ($47.44 after cashback) shipped at

4 November 2009

Good price considering that its selling in the $80 range elsewhere. Only at this price for PS3. The 99 cents means that it'll ship for free as well. Cashback from fishpond would be $2.54 or so bring the effective cost down to $46.80.


  • taskel
    The Beatles are one of my favourite bands, (I will eventually get this) but I really don't like rock band as much as guitar hero and I don't think The Beatles songs will be fun to play? They're too slow and will be too easy I think...has anyone played it yet? Good price btw :)
  • admin EDITOR
    This'd be $42.44 if you were able to combine the $5 voucher aussiemark ]just posted with cashback....

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