The Abysss DVD $4.92 at EzyDVD

2 April 2007

This post was originally made back in March. I've edited the price but left the original blurb below.

"EzyDVD are having a March sale and even though it is April, the sale is still on.
The movie 'The Abyss' is a bargain $7.92 and a lot of other discounts to be had too

Delivery is $1.50 but if you spend over $20 the delivery fee is free"


  • Emma EDITOR
    I love this movie :twisted: . It can be a bit slow in places, but overall a very good show!
  • admin EDITOR
    03/07 - I've just edited this posting. They're dropped the price from the 7.92 it cost you back in March to just $4.92 it'll cost you now...... thats a pretty good bargain to be had I reckon.

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