Terminator Trilogy Collectors Tin $49.83 delivered- 6 discs - at EzyDVD

2 May 2007

EzyDVD has one of their collectors offers out again. You can get the Terminator trilogy, ie 2 discs for each movie with loads of extras all packaged up in a funky metal tin for $49.83 delivered.
When you consider that it would cost abotu $40-50 to buy the 3 movies separately then this is a good buy.
The collectors offer is not released until 9th July 2007. EzyDVD say that they will not charge your CC until your order is ready to ship.

I really liked Terminator and then quite enjoyed Terminator 2 but the third lost it a bit. Shame really. But then again it always seems to happen when they keep releasing the next movie in a sequence


  • Emma EDITOR
    Terminator movies have to come in my top ten favourite movies of all time. I prefer Terminator 2 out of all of them... and is it weird to say I had a crush on the T1000 .... !! ? Thanks Noddo!
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - you had a crush on the T1000. Classic. Go Jayne.... must admit terminator one and two are up there on my top list. matrix could well be up there as well except it went downhill too fast.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Matix (1) is also in my top ten. But as you say... downhill ... :whistling: There are some number twos that have been better than the predecessor, such as Terminator 2 above, Aliens, er.... Short Circuit 2... I can't think of any more!! Aliens is also in my top ten I think. And as for fancying T1000, I fancy anything!! My teenage love was David Duchovny AKA Mulder from the x-files. I had about 600 posters of him in my bedroom, on the walls, on the ceiling... and I counted them every night before I went to sleep. Sometimes I even kissed them... http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/1466/ddga12958dcc99vp6.jpg Oh boy, I really wanted to be Gillian Anderson!!!

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