Target: Base 7" Pink Portable DVD Player $109 (Save 45%) Starts Thur 4 Dec

1 December 2008

BASE 7" Portable DVD Player (Pink)

$109 each. 17.75cm (7"). Built-in rechargeable battery. Pink or black. Includes headrest bag and in-car charger. No rainchecks. 45% off. TF - DVD7006.

Will make a useful and pretty gift for a girl :D

This offer not available at Target Country stores unless stated otherwise.


  • queenshrew
  • golfwidow
    :( Not at Target country
  • queenshrew
    :( Not at Target country
    It says "unless stated". So might be available at some Country stores? These portable dvd players are a god send! When we traveled, it kept my fidgety and hyper little girl (whom everyone says has some characteristics similar to ADHD!) quiet for hours :D Her fave part is removing the dvds and inserting new ones :rolleyes: She does it Non-stop..almost every 2-10 minutes as she gets bored and wants to try other ones! Drives everyone nuts. But it does keep her quiet :p Phew! ps It also helps if you stop looking at what she's doing..!

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