Sydney Morning Herald - $30 for 20 weeks Weekend subscription - 65% off

16 September 2008

Been looking for a deal for newspaper subscription with a deal I found on here expiring a few weeks ago and finally one came in the mail. I think this is my first post (been lurking here for some time now!) so apologies if it needs fixing!

After participating in the city2surf, I received an offer to subscribe to 20 weeks of the weekend SMH and Sun herald for $30 - 65% off!!! The offer says "as a value participant of the Sun Herald City2Surf2008" so give it a go.

3 ways to suscribe:
1. call 13 66 66 and quote City2Surf2008. Please have your credit card details ready.
2. visit
3. Fill in coupon and mail it in...


  • lilpretzel Nice find Shorty, that's a HOT from me. On your first post!
  • queenshrew
    Thanks Shorty :D Hot from moi too!
  • tiprya
    Anyone know if there are any deals for getting the SMH delivered every day - ie. all 7 days instead of just weekends?
  • labgirl
    most impressive - even works for QLD deliveries!
  • admin EDITOR
    ha - I read the deal, went and had a look and thought - guess its obvious that they'll only deliver to Sydney. Good to know labgirl thanks.

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