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19 July 2007

Nice set for a freebie with purchase! This is a classic dress watch set, proclaimed to be worth $160 (always questionable in my eyes) but you get it free if you subscribe to the weekly mag "The Bulletin".

The 50 issues cost $129.90. As the regular cover price is $6.25, this is an overall saving of $182.60!! It has free delivery to your home in Australia.

(BuckScoop cashback too!)

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  • Emma EDITOR
    ] ] Click here for full T&Cs. (But be sure to go through the orange link in the first post to make sure you get your cashback!)
  • nod
    I wonder what sort of watch it is ?
  • Emma EDITOR
    I wonder what sort of watch it is ?
    You mean what brand?? I've no idea. And I cannot tell from the piccy, that's the biggest one it shows.

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