Sub to Cleo & Cosmo - get your sex tips fortnightly - $99 [12mos] AND Cash Back

16 October 2007

Cosmopolitan and Cleo 12 month subscription for $99.95 - got this deal on a magazine delivered yesterday; slick says "SAVE OVER $70"... but the link to Magshop says you save over $24. The graphic says the cost is $99; the text says $99.95.

Either way, the deal is on the level, it's just the math that varies. If you're a fan of Cosmo & Cleo, this one's for you...


  • ScarletRubies OK, on their own: Make your world COSMOPOLITAN. 12 months Our Price: A$69.95 Cover Price: A$7.20 (save A$16.45) CLEO 12 months Our Price: A$69.95 Cover Price: A$7.00 (save A$14.05) ... so both would normally cost $139.90 (and 'save' $30.50 on the newsstand price). Getting both in this deal will save you an extra $39.95 - a total saving of $70.45... MORE THAN 40% OFF.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ta Ruby - I had a laugh at your title.
  • nod
    get your sex tips fortnightly
    Seems to be all they ever have in them :D If you are a fan this is a nice little offer. But would be great for a Xmas present too
  • nod
    forgot to say hot vote from me Thanks for sorting the maths too Ruby :)

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