Sopranos seasons ~$USD50 delivered @ Barnes and Noble - USA

30 May 2008

First thing to say is that I think these will be region 1 so you will need a region free dvd player. So that is small downside

But if you do have one then it is well worth taking a look at the Barnes and Noble DVD section. The prices in US are much much better than ours and these guys will deliver to Oz.
The shipping is reasonable too - $9 for one season

You need to use the 25% off code attached to get this price and it will only apply to one item in your cart.

But considering that a Sopranos season in Oz costs around $70 each and Barnes and Noble have them for $50 each without the discount.

Another option is the full series season 1 - 6.2
You can pick it up for $492 then take 25% off - works out to be $380 delivered

Product Total: $492.99
Discounts: -$123.25
Shipping: $8.48
Order Total: $378.22


  • admin EDITOR
    Loved this series. Its a shame they decided not to do any more.
  • Wally
    When I first read the title thought it was an offer too good to refuse! Thought it was ALL Sopranos seasons for $US50 :w00t: :twisted: $US50 per season for each is OK but FYI ezydvd have a special on Season 1 for $AU29.95 + $1.50 delivery
  • nod
    yeah Season one seems to be a lot cheaper. I think it is 20 or 23 at Barnes and Noble. The full series delivered for $380 is a really good buy :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats what I thought too Wally.

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