Sony Star Wars Blu-Ray Bundle for $98

10 January 2012

Browsing through the big w catalogue and found a pretty cheap blu-ray player bundle:

- $98 gets you a sony blu-ray player (BDPS185) and Star Wars blu-ray trilogy IV, V and VI.

Not bad considering SW trilogy is about $50 on its own.
Catalogue starts 12 January - Ends 25 January

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  • ninkasi
    Good player. Misses some things like native wifi support, and not sure if it supports DLNA, but if that doesn't worry you then I wouldn't worry about it either. I have the blu-ray versions of the Star Wars movies, and have to say that I'm impressed with the quality of the transfers of these older films. For $98 for the bundle, this is definitely a great deal. Hot from me!

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