Soldsmart - Electric Guitars $85.95 with FREE shipping + 8% cashback!

9 May 2012

Take your music to the next level with this amazing electric guitar. Perfect for rock and metal, this guitar combines smooth playability with bewitching tones and robust construction. But this six string guitar is not just limited to rock n roll. This electric guitar can hold its own against other forms of music, from jazz, to blues, to pop. Beginners will appreciate the ease of play, whilst pros will enjoy the sound quality and hard rock styling of this fantastic instrument.


  • Macsaver
    Anyone know what the quality is like?
  • Pookie
    If you are looking for a starter guitar you cant go too wrong at $79 after cashback! If anything, I would recommend that you look for a decent amplifier. I have had a 20w Fender amp for about 10 years now and even though its beaten up big time, it still sounds awesome no matter what guitar I use.

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