SmarTech Nitro 4WD Off Road Buggy @ $239.95

15 September 2007

I reckon this is a bargain. The average price for this is $300 - $360.

These things make me laugh. People reckon they've got them up to 80kmh in a straight line, and they can take a hammering off road.

Thought I'd post something pointless and silly for a Sunday morning.

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    Someone on overclockers ]reviewed this thing in 2005 so its a couple of years old now. And a bit of the marketing blurb .... What is the Remote Controlled Nitro Buggy ? This heavy duty Remote Controlled Nitro Buggy 2-Speed 4wd Off-Road car is sturdier and more powerful than other Off-Roads. The others have plastic or no frame reinforcements, but the Smartech 4WD comes with an anodized aluminum reinforced plate. It is super-fast and easy to control and operate. Package consists of engine, remote control and painted body. Brand new in original box, completely assembled and ready to run. Speed reaches up to 75 km/h.

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