Skippy the bush Kangaroo season 3 $15 from Dirt Cheap CDs

19 January 2010

Chuckling away. At $15 its a good price for the whole of series 3 as the price ranges from $25 to $45 for the same thing elsewhere. I'm laughing because I cant believe this is saleable. Iconic sure but its a bit like buying the whole run of a country practice.


  • NoosieB
    Haha - don't laugh, but I recently bought Series 3 from JB HiFi earlier in the year when they had 20% off. Don't think I got it as cheap as $15 though. The kids like it, even though it's a bit corny. Like the paw when Skippy is pointing at something. (Shhh, in case you don't know - it's a fake paw on the end of a stick). If you're keen, JB also have series 1 & 2. :w00t:
  • admin EDITOR
    for some reason series 3 is cheaper than 1 and 2. Were they longer or something?
  • craftykiwi
    They are currently showing on one of the new free-to-air TV channels down here in Vic. Loved this as a kid so taped an episode to show my son. He laughed but still enjoyed it despite the corniness.

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