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10 October 2008

Tuesday the 15th Cinebuzz members can get into an advance screening of Burn After Reading for 9 bucks.

I quite like the Cohen Brothers. Most of their stuff has a good quirk to it. You need to be a cinebuzz member before you go buy the tickets.


  • queenshrew
    Not in Qld..but good deal for those that are :D
  • admin EDITOR
    I tried to find where it was limited to queenshrew but couldnt find anything - am I being blind ? Doing a 'bloke look'......
  • queenshrew
    Oh what I meant is..I'm not in Qld, but hot for those who are :D There's no BBC in Vic Although there are very few Greater Unions and they're all too far away from me hehe
  • nod
    ]Burn After Reading sounds like it is a good movie :)

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