See 'Australia' on Australia day for $9 @ Greater Union

23 January 2009

I have to admit that I have absolutely no intention of seeing this movie ... soooo not a Nicole Kidman fan but the price of $9 is the main reason for my post

You can either book the tickets now which means they actually cost you $10 each due to a booking fee or you can just rock up on Australia day


  • golfwidow
    I watched it purely for Hugh Jackman and he was good but Nicole Kidman was the same as she is in every other movie. Stoic and proper. Never been a real fan of hers anyway.
  • admin EDITOR
    How was it golfy? Like visiting the dentist ?
  • golfwidow
    Hush Jackman and the little Aboriginal boy were great but the movie itself is passable. Too long, mediocre storyline, so many scenes you could tell had been spliced etc. Easy to see why it was a flop overseas. Nobody but us would understand the points of the movie.
  • melissanj
    i quite enjoyed it :) i love that little kid he was great! worth seeing what all the hype is about neways...and i dont think nicoles acting was really bad like others have been saying but i agree with golfy, she was pretty much the same as she is in other movies.... hah! look at that ....we are now "buckscoop" movie critics! lol
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - peer reviews..... I like it. I've heard that Nicole is a drama queen ..... (in real life that is)

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