Rocky 1-5 DVDs $49.95 delivered at Dailydeals

21 December 2006

For all those Rocky fans, here is the complete collection of movies at a good price from Dailydeals.
Each movie is about $14 to buy not including delivery so this is quite a nice saving.


  • admin EDITOR
    ROXXXY ROXXXXXYYYYYY......... :) you'd end up with serious brain damage watching this lot.....
  • admin EDITOR
    I cant beleive it.... they sold out of these. Laughing my butt off
  • schlemster
    maybe they only had 2 to sell :p and dont ya mean rocky who the hell is roxy
  • admin EDITOR
    can see that your not a rocky afficianado.... roxanne .... roxxxxxxxaaaaaane Bells ringing in your head yet ?

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