Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox, Wii) $79.97 ($75.89 after cashback) delivered from Fishpond

19 August 2010

This is about the best price I can find for a delivered version of Red Dead Redemption PAL. You pay $79.97 at fishpond but once you factor in the buckscoop cashback the price comes down to $75.89.

If you have a spare $5 voucher up your sleeve it'll probably apply as well. If you want to get the best value add another $20 or so to your cart and Fishpond will credit you with a $5 voucher to spend on your next purchase.

Interestingly EBGames have this advertised cheaper ie $77 but they charge min $4.95 shipping and dont do cashback so the price you pay to get it to you is more than at Fishpond.

What do you think?

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