'Ravenous' DVD $2.92 at EzyDVD

2 April 2007

This post was originally made a couple of months ago. I've edited the price but left the original blurb below.

"Guy Pierce has come a long long way from 'Neighbours' in this movie but it is very good. And for $4.92 a bargain.
You also get to see Robert Carlyle in a really cool role. Though I will have to admit that the movie is not for the faint hearted
The delivery fee is only $1.50 or if you spend $20 it is free - so with the sale at the moment, you could pick up 4 movies delivered for about $20-25 (obviously depends on what movies you want to buy)"


  • nelly
    Never heard of the movie :confused:
  • nod
    :D Certainly not mainstream. But basically it is about cannibalism. I know I am not selling the movie am I :o
  • Emma EDITOR
    ] Here's a link to the IMDB page which tells you a bit about it. Gets a fairly good rating of 6.7, ,....
  • schlemster
    saw this a few years back. not a bad movie love the ending ;) never knew bear traps were that big :D oh no i've spoilt it :o
  • admin EDITOR
    03/07 - I've edited this deal as they've dropped the price from $4.92 to $2.92 - pretty cheap really.

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