PSP Base pack $229.95 at Sony

26 February 2007

A positively lovely price on the PSP base pack at Sony when you use one of the $100 off vouchers we have on Buckscoop!
The PSP base pack is selling for $330 elsewhere
The console itself is about $270

"The PSP® Base Pack includes all the essentials to get you started with PSP® - the white PSP® Handheld Entertainment system, AC Adaptor, Battery Pack and a UMD Demo Disc to sample movie trailers, music videos and playable game demos."

And don't forget the cashback!


  • nod
    You can get white or black too :)
  • admin EDITOR
    That really is a nice price. Ta Nod.
  • wheadle
    Awesome deal cheers Nod
  • wheadle
    voted hot too ;)
  • nod
    Thanks for the heat Wheadle :p My reputation could always do with the boost This is such a good price for the PSP that I am tempted myself and I am not even into playing games :p
  • mouldgirl
    I voted hot too. I paid over $300 a few weeks ago for my nephews birthday :(
  • jumpingjack
    very very good spot. I don't need one but impressed with the bargain :)

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