PS2 game "Over The Hedge" (with Bonus R/C Car) for $19.95 (or less)

14 September 2007

The PS2 game Over The Hedge come with a Bonus Remote Control Car at DStore. This is priced at $19.95, which is pretty good, as a quick price comparison shows it to be at the price at other stores, but you don't even get the free car :)

Anyway, shipping is $5.95, but you should be able to apply one of the $10 birthday vouchers... if you have already used one on your account, you could maybe create an account for your mum, or your boyfriend, or your sister etc!!!

So this would work out at $15.90 delivered, plus a little bit of Buckscoop cashback too!


  • fairybelle[SIZE=5]X[/SIZE] Clue five A cheeseburger from the golden arches would not be the same without them (singular) Jayne I just purchased this with my $10 off - thanks I dont know why there isnt more HOT votes??? I vote ULTRA HOT!!!! ...... can you do that???
  • Emma EDITOR
    You can say Ultra hot, but it still just gets a hot :D Thanks for the heat, I think it is a very good deal too :) Maybe not many people with PS2s on here...
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll expire it now as they're out of stock. I've given you a hot Jayne.
  • nod
    Such a shame this is out of stock. But it certainly would have been a popular item :) Thanks Jayne
  • nod
    I was going to expire this but I wonder if you can back order it and still take up the offer??

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