PS 3 console, KillZone2, Assassins Creed, HDMI cable $699 @ JB Hifi

26 February 2009

Consoles alone is nigh on $700. Game total price is $150 odd. Good deal in my book when you factor in the whole package


  • joelwilliam
    From Written by Anthony Here's are the trade in values for Killzone 2 at EB Games. If traded in before the date listed you can get store credit to the amounts below. A further 10% with an EDGE card. * Before March 4th: $95 ($104.50 with EDGE) * Before March 11th: $85 ($93.50 with EDGE) * Before March 18th: $70 ($77 with EDGE) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So based on Anthony's information above, if you purchased this PS3 from JB Hi-Fi and traded the game Killzone 2 before the 4th of March. The total cost of the console would be down to $593 without edge and $583.50 with an edge card. Which is a pretty good deal. Assassins Creed sells for $29 at GAME so you'd be better of keeping that, it's a pretty fun game. Now this information is taken from Eco Gamer as above, and I haven't tested the trade in at EB Games, so it might be best to check with your local EB store first.
  • eggles
    nice! thanks. you are not anthony by any chance :D
  • joelwilliam
    No, I'm not Anthony. Just didn't want to plagiarism his info. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats one thing I like about EB - you can often configure some of their trade in deals to work out really well.

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