Pre-order "One for all" by Peter Kriss (Kiss drummer) & get an autographed copy! ($22.68 + cashback)

5 July 2007

If you pre-order "One for all" by Peter Kriss the famous drummer for the band KISS, you'll get free delivery PLUS you'll get an autographed copy!! I have not heard the album, so I cannot comment on what it is like at all. It is $22.68 from play4me. I've linked the promo codes below, which may work for you as well!

Availability: Pre-order now for Mon 23 Jul 2007 release. Despatch to customer occurs at a minimum of 1 working day after release date (release dates are subject to change).

Best known to the entire world as "The Catman," a founding member and original drummer of the legendary KISS, Peter Criss has returned with his latest musical project, One For All, a collection showcasing his far-ranging talent as a skillful singer-songwriter and his vast range as a gifted vocalist. *Peter sang the lead vocal and co-wrote what to this day remains KISS' biggest Billboard hit, "Beth" which went on to win a People's choice award and became a highlight of every KISS concert, with lighters, then years later, cell phones raised high and waving in arenas and stadiums around the globe.


  • admin EDITOR
    be more appropriate if he was named Peter Kiss.
  • Emma EDITOR
    be more appropriate if he was named Peter Kiss.
    But he would have been teased so much at school ... :cool:

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