Philips Dynamic Vocal Karaoke Microphone w/3m Detachable Cable $10

12 May 2007

Philips MD150 Dynamic Microphone

This high quality sturdy dynamic microphone is perfect for home entertainment. It features 27mm wide diaphragm for excellent & crystal clear sound. Unlike other cheap microphone, this sturdy microphone with 3m long cable has excellent sound reproduction. The uni-directional sensor is mainly sensitive to the performers voice, which prevents feed-back effects.


High-quality vocal microphone for singing and entertainment
27mm wide diaphragm for excellent sound
Durable design for extended product life
Uni-directional sensor for minimum feedback
Low noise switch for 'click-free' switching
3.5-6.3mm adapter plug included
Integrated windshield


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    Another deal marathon by Vincent thanks for all the effort. you do such a good job, I hope that you will hang around once the promo finishes tomorrow :)

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