Peter's of Kensington Daily Deal - 75% off Bodum Antipasto Knife Set $25 (RRP$100)

5 October 2012

This set comprises of 3 different knives. Theres a knife for soft cheeses e.g brie and goats cheese which is designed to both cut and spread cheese onto your bread or cracker. Theres also a knife for hard cheeses like cheddars, pecorino and parmesan, which is designed to cut a seamless wedge without reducing the cheese to a crumbly mess. Last of all is the sausage knife, which is serrated to slice perfect rounds of salami and sausages.

Handmade from the finest quality Japanese stainless steel, along with ergonomic handles and a sophisticated design this beautiful knife set provides the perfect excuse to introduce the Italian tradition of antipasto to your mealtimes.

Bodum Antipasto Knife Set features:
* Handmade from the finest Japanese stainless steel.
* Textured handles for grip and stability.
* Forged from a single piece of steel for superb balance and durability.
* Soft cheese knife is ideal for cutting and spreading soft cheeses such as brie, chevre and camembert, as well as pâté.
* Hard cheese knife is ideal for cutting seamless wedges of hard cheese and features a prong at the tip for picking up the wedge.
* Sausage knife features a serrated edge for easily slicing sausages and salamis and also features a prong at the tip for picking up the sausage round.
* The must-have set for serving antipasto platters.
* Presented as a set of three knives in a Bodum Chef box.
* Hand wash recommended.

Set Includes:
- 10cm Soft Cheese Knife.
- 11cm Hard Cheese Knife.
- 12.5cm Sausage Knife.

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