Panasonic - Purchase a Panasonic Full HD Plasma TV & Choose from 3 HD Bonus gifts

25 October 2009

Its an amazing offer when you buy any Full HD VIErA Plasma TV you get to claim 1 of these 3 HD Bonus gifts.

* HD Touch Limix Camera Pack or
* HD Blu-ray Home Theatre System or
* HD Twin Tuner DVD Recorder with 250GB HDD

So if you have bought a Full HD VIErA Plasma TV between 24 October and 24 December 2009 this is the place to lodge your claim!

Just make sure you act fast as all claims must be lodged within 21 days of your purchase (15 working days). Well do our best to rush your Bonus HD gift to you within 8 weeks of receiving your claim.

Postage and fufillment charge of $17.00 to be paid when submitting claim.


  • golfwidow
    Thank for posting and Welcome to Buckscoop encino :) Hope you dont mind but I just tidied up your opening post a little and added a pic and some more info.
  • admin EDITOR
    Must be purchased through an authorised panasonic retailer (whatever that is as I cant find a list), layby's must be paid up before 24th and short term rentals of less than 24 months not included. These promotions make me chuckle. I cant imagine that they actually induce people to buy. At least the giveaway's are decent. The 30" Viera's start at about $1000. I'm assuming the smallest qualifies. The giveaways arent actually too bad in that they're reasonably expensive.
  • bluntman
    Just looked at the site and appears as if 42" is the smallest plasma included in the promotion. Interestingly Sony have launched a very similar promotion with their tellies and a free PS3.
  • kelandmal
    It seems that most manufacturers are 'giving' something away with the purchase of a tv at the moment. Sharp tv get an xbox 360 see SHARP LCD Promotion | Bonus XBOX 360 Elite with 4 Games Sony get a PS3 see SONY Samsung get a smaller lcd tv see Samsung Bonus LCD TV Promotion - Home and this Panasonic deal. Regards, kelandmal
  • admin EDITOR
    Makes me wonder whether they're trying to kickstart sales again. Good for the consumer.
  • daabido
    42" is the minimum and the set must be Plasma and Full HD. There is a very long thread on Whirlpool; Panasonic Promotion - Home Theatre - Whirlpool Forums about how much discount people have been able to get on the Full HD Panasonics. Happy viewing :)

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