Ozstock - LASER Q13-MP4/MP3 Player 4G - Only $19.95 Pick Up OR $26.90 Shipped + Buckscoop Cashback

31 August 2009

Stock up and save on Christmas presents, Birthday Gift or Father's Day (Fingers cross you don't get Pink)

* Three colours available (as seen in the photos): Black, Silver and Pink, randomly picked for dispatch.

Warranty: * 6 months.

For Pick Up - 7/28 Vore Street, Silverwater NSW


  • lilpretzel
    Posted by ]spodosaurus * I will remove your deal, Thanks for the extra information ;)
    Cheapest on staticice by far for this player by FAR. I'm not a fan of the Laser brand, but this is a good deal for this player. Built in speaker, too, but who knows how good the audio quality is (not that Laser is known for audio quality).
  • spodosaurus
    When I checked before typing it in yours wasn't up, but after cicking submit yours was there. I shouldn't have checked staticice until after posting - I might have made it first! :)
  • lilpretzel
    Very happy to receive a Pink one :)
  • spodosaurus
    Very happy to receive a Pink one :)
    I suspect they're all pink (grin). However, this product has renewed my dislike of these cheapo brands, especially Laser: - Loading files onto this is an exercise in frustration - INCREDIBLY slow, so much so that I suspect they're using cheap barely functional cast off flash chips. I couldn't even use this as a flash drive it's so slow and seems to stop/start a LOT during small file transfers. - Turn it off to load more/charge the battery and the system time resets - Laser covers this in their FAQ to the extent that they know about it have no plans to fix it (typical of the buggy firmware in Laser products) - Functionality is extremely limited for music features - You need to install conversion software to put video files on it and have it play them. Hopwfully you're having better luck, or at least the product is more acceptable to your needs/expectations. I'm regretting not waiting and getting that Sandisk 2GB player that came up shortly after from another site IIRC.

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