Original Wii Remote - $15.82 @ Target

30 August 2011

After failing to get a touchpad last week, manage to at least find a consolation. If you happen to see an older model of Wii remote at Target (not the newer Wiimote plus), they should scan for $15.82 at the counter. The price should be the same nationwide.
I found one last one at Target Chadstone, it was blue but I think the price is same for any color. Just look for the box without the circle drawn on the packaging.
If you need motion plus, just get the adapter from Focalprice or Tinydeal, I bought one from them a while back and they work just fine, it's the fake wii remotes that are sometimes dodgy.

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    :) - a bargain wii remote was consolation for not getting a touchpad....

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