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13 March 2008

Simply purchase any 2 or more of these fantastic Rock Solid Hits from the EzyDVD website and we'll send you this awesome radio with your order!

Choose from this hot selection:

The Man Who Wasn't There,
Sorority Boys
Reign Of Fire (DTS)
Bad Company
Resident Evil (DTS)
Count Of Monte Cristo, The (2002)
Royal Tenenbaums, The (2 Disc Set)

Prices from $17.83


  • nod
    A free radio seems like an odd GWP to me... not sure why :D The prices of the dvd's at EzyDVD are usually pretty good and the shipping is free, which is always nice.
  • lilpretzel
    Sorry Golfy I'll have to vote Cold on this one the free radio and prices don't win me over. The free FM radio looks like the ones you can buy in the cheapy shop for $2 plus with a quick search I found some dvds to be cheaper at dStore.
    [SIZE=3]Sorority Boys - $19.83 @ dStore get Hot Chick / Sorority Boys Double Pack for $19.95 The Man Who Wasn't There - $17.83 - SOLD OUT! - Not available at dStore Reign of Fire - $19.83 @ dStore get Reign of Fire/Resident Evil Double Pack for $19.95 Bad Company - $19.83 @ dStore get it for [/SIZE] [SIZE=3] $9.95[/SIZE][SIZE=3] The Royal Tenenbaums (2 Disc Set) - $39.83 (No Longer Available) @ dStore get it for $9.95 ( Search in comedy as there are 2 prices for this ) The Count Of Monte Cristo - $19.83 - Not available at dStore[/SIZE]
  • admin EDITOR
    The Royal Tenenbaums is a very good film. Loved it.
  • mikepspencer
    i got the exact same radio free with a nestle blend 45 coffee ages ago. it's not very good. on the up side it has a light on it, but that only runs down the batteries faster.

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