Optus Yes tickets: $10 OFF Gold class + $10 Movie Tix Anytime except Sat after 5pm

17 October 2011

Sign up for the following deals, available now: Registration is exclusive to Optus customers.

$10 Movie Tix Anytime except Saturday after 5pm
$10 OFF Gold class movie tickets (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Snack Discounts:
4 small drinks + 4 small popcorns $20
Free upgrade from Medium to Large for popcorn & drink combo
2 Reg Coke + 2 Reg popcorn + Bag of candy $19 (VILLAGE CINEMAS ONLY)


  • lilpretzel
    Nice! Every bit of savings helps but I'm not a Optus member :( Registration is exclusive to Optus customers.
  • queenshrew
    I am not an Optus customer, but signed up a year+ ago when they did not make it compulsory for ONLY optus customers :( I didn't know they changed that. I can still log in, and am still a member of Yes tix. And I have not been a customer of Optus for about 3 years now :p
  • lilpretzel
    Right back at you :p ( I did vote hot ) I'll have to ask my sister, she might be on Optus :D

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