'Operation Flashpoint - Red River' for PS3 down to $19.95 with Free Shipping from Fishpond

10 January 2012

They sent an email saying that it's a deal for today only but the price is the same that it was when I ordered mine last week....

Only released 8-9 months ago and it's been reduced from it's original RRP of $109 may also tell you something about the game. Here's what Wiki have to say about it -

The game has received mixed reviews from critics.
Strategy Informer thinks the game fills in a niche between fast-paced action games and hyper-realistic military simulators.
VideoGamer.com says the campaign in Red River is of far higher quality than in its predecessor Dragon Rising.
IGN was disappointed in player movement being locked, to only a very small section of the wide-open terrain.
PC Gamer criticized poor artificial intelligence of players' team mates and overly macho voice acting. "Red River takes all the things the Flashpoint name is associated with creative, emergent destruction and go-anywhere realism and lets them wash away."
GameZone gave the game a 7.5 out of 10, stating "Operation Flashpoint: Red River isnt your typical shooter. Youre not going to be a gunslinger, running into a compound to take out a horde of enemies like a one-man wolf pack. Its a slower, more tactical, squad-based shooter that relies on teamwork, strategy, and finesse."

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