OO.com.au - Telefunken 81cm(32") Full HD LCD TV with Built-In HD Tuner and HDMI Inputs - $619.90 shi

8 October 2009

This sold out last time at $649.90 shipped in less than 12 hours!! GRab this quick!! Bound to fly out the door for $619.90shipped + 3.6% cashback from buckscoop!!

I got one last time, and it is great!! But you have to be quick! its got EPG too...

EDIT: Price changed from $598.30 delivered to $619.90 delivered at 11am (EST)


  • golfwidow
    Seems they changed the price owenhwh so I updated the OP :)
  • owenhwh
    oops, my bad.. i thought i should have included the cashback from buckscoop under the price, but yes, the listed price in OO is 599.95 + 19.95 delivery = 619.90 shipped. apologies for the confusion! =)

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