Once: Win tickets to P.S I Love You @ Cinebuzz

8 December 2007

I'll put this up here as cinebuzz membership is not a bad offer if you go to movies regularly.

You need to sign up for membership before you enter the comp but its free.


  • leny
    I got into this one early, so I hope I get the email whenever it is - Friday!(?)!!
  • leny
    I won tickets to this, but never ended up going. What does the 'Once' in the OP's deal title mean? :)
  • ScarletRubies
    When you list a contest, you chose from the options "once; daily; weekly; monthly or unlimited" with regards to the number of times an individual can enter. Most competitions I think would be once per person, but some allow you to enter as often as you like.
  • leny
    Thank you SR. :)

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