Once: Win a trip to Arizona with Hoyts

8 March 2012

This one is worth a shot if you are going to see John Carter.

All you need to do is purchase your tickets at hoyts.com.au follow the prompts to enter the comp and you could win a trip to Arizona for 2 valued to $8,000.


  • mouldgirl
    Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, who is in desperate need of a savior.
    :D Sounds um interesting :eek:
  • Pookie
    LOL. It could be worse, it could be a romcom...hmmm then again a Princess and a saviour! :rolleyes:

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