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9 August 2007

Here's a competition with a bit of a difference. We could maybe all work together and try and make a BS winner perhaps... ?

I'll post the piccy link in the first reply, which shows a grid with 9 letters in it. you have to make as many words as you can out of it, then email your entry to Latest Buy.

Simply email your list of words to competitions@latestbuy.com.au

Entries close 23rd August.


  • Emma EDITOR
  • Emma EDITOR
    If anyone is interested in doing this... I can get 242 (from an internet generator)
    [FONT=Arial]4-letter words [/FONT][FONT=Courier] abet, able, ably, abut, abye, abys, albs, ales, alts, ates, ayes, bale, bals, base, bast, bate, bats, batt, bays, beat, beau, bels, belt, best, beta, bets, beys, blae, blat, blet, blue, bust, busy, buts, butt, buys, byes, byte, east, easy, eats, etas, eyas, labs, lase, last, late, lats, lays, leas, lest, lets, leys, lube, lues, lust, lute, lyes, lyse, sabe, sale, salt, sate, saul, seal, seat, seta, sett, slab, slat, slay, slub, slue, slut, stab, stat, stay, stet, stey, stub, stye, suba, suet, tabs, tabu, tael, tale, tate, tats, taus, taut, teal, teas, teat, tela, tels, test, tets, tuba, tube, tubs, tule, tuts, tyes, utas, yeas, yett, yule[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]5-letter words [/FONT][FONT=Courier] abets, ables, abuse, abuts, abyes, bales, baste, bates, batts, battu, batty, beast, beats, beaus, beaut, belay, belts, betas, betta, blase, blast, blate, blats, bleat, blest, blets, blues, bluet, bluey, busty, butle, butte, butts, butty, butyl, bytes, least, lubes, lusty, lutea, lutes, lyase, lytta, sable, salty, sault, saute, setal, slate, slaty, stale, state, steal, stela, style, suety, sutta, tabes, table, tabus, taels, tales, talus, taste, tasty, tates, tauts, teals, teats, tesla, testa, testy, tsuba, tubae, tubal, tubas, tubes, tules, yeast, yetts, yules[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]6-letter words [/FONT][FONT=Courier] ablest, astute, basely, battle, battue, beauts, beauty, belays, bettas, blasty, bleats, bluest, bluesy, bluets, blueys, bustle, butles, buttes, butyls, latest, lysate, lyttae, lyttas, salute, slatey, stable, stably, statue, stylet, suable, suably, sublet, subtle, subtly, tables, tablet, tautly, tubate, usable, usably[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]7-letter words [/FONT][FONT=Courier] battles, battues, beastly, buttals, stately, stylate, sublate, tablets, useably[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]8-letter words [/FONT][FONT=Courier] astutely, butylate, subtlety[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]9-letter words [/FONT][FONT=Courier] butylates[/FONT]
  • ScarletRubies
    Don't forget "Latest Buy" as another 9 letter word...

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