Once: VIDEO EZY Win Season 1-8 of E.R.

9 September 2007

You may need to join Video Ezy online to enter this competition.

I entered before listing the comp so can't get a copy of T&C's. Sorry! :)

Answer is: NOAH WYLE


  • Wally
    Thx for the links to pages and for the answers to all the competitions
  • nod
    Thanks ScarletRubies I loved the early ER episodes. Watched it religiously :o On another subject.. any reason why your avatar keeps changing so much??
  • ScarletRubies
    You're welcome, Wally. Hopefully, it's positive fortune to share... I'd like to win one or two of these sets myself (and yet, still shared with you lot!). Ha!!! Unless I gave you the wrong answers... how bad would that be?? :D Nod, I loved early ER, too. Actually, I enjoy the first 2 seasons of almost everything, and then become disillusioned, annoyed, frustrated etc when MY characters and storylines turn stupid. There's a fine line... Friends crossed it, ER crossed it, Grey's is getting dangerously close (and I haven't finished watching season 3, so it may jump over yet!), but strangely - for me - Gilmore Girls & West Wing never did. Hmm, sorry, did you ask my opinion about my favourite TV shows? No? Oops. :) As for my avatar, I've only changed it once! You don't like Marilyn? I just felt like yummying up a bit. I thought I might change every month or so. I don't want anyone to think I am a posh old lady with cobwebs. (Reference, anyone?)

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