Once: JB HiFi competition: The Reaping

14 September 2007

The Reaping

When the events in a small Louisiana town called Haven catch the eye of former Christian missionary Katherine Winter (Hilary Swank) she feels compelled to investigate.

Ditching her belief in God for the white coat of a scientist, Winter arrives in the town to find that the river has turned to blood, cattle are mysteriously dying, frogs are falling from the sky and the locals are breaking out in strange red lesions.

Convinced that there must be some logical explanation to the events being reported as Biblical plagues, she is surprised to learn that the town is holding a young girl (Anna Sophia Robb) responsible for the strange happenings.

Combining CGI with suspense, the film delivers spectacular apocalyptic thrills in the tradition of religious thrillers like The Omen and The Seventh Sign.

Starring: Hillary Swank, David Morrissey

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