Once: JB HiFi competition: Strangle Hold

14 September 2007

Strangle Hold

If a game has the name John Woo indelibly attached to it, its a safe bet to assume that the content will be an action-filled extravaganza. In Stranglehold, gamers are set to play in a John Woo action movie. The action director, famed for his frantically choreographed movie spectaculars, has put his name to this third person shooter. Players step into the shoes of Inspector Tequila and attempt to bring down the Hong Kong crime syndicates and rescue Tequilas ex-wife from a Russian mafia boss in Chicago. The game takes place between these two massive, fully interactive game play areas and as can be expected the action is explosive, combining blistering gun battles with massive destructible environments and some super smooth gameplay.

For a chance to win please answer the following question:

Which famed director worked on Stranglehold?

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