Once: JB HiFi competition: HALO 3 Special Edition

14 September 2007

Halo 3 is possibly the most anticipated release of the year. Its back to earth for the Master Chief following the discovery of an ancient object in Africa by the Covenant, who have been seeking the hidden Forerunner weapon. The earth has now been completely overtaken by the Covenant.

Bungie have thankfully included the old favourite Assault Rifle from the original Halo. And then there are the new weapons. There is a new machine gun called the Brute Spiker that also contains an axe head on the front. The Brute Spike Grenade is lethal but the tour-de-force is the Spartan Laser. Cumbersome and lengthy to load, its effect is absolute.

This may well be the first-person shooter to rival all others and it would appear that Microsoft have nailed it again. With its refined AI and high-definition visuals, it really is going to take some beating!

For a chance to win please answer the following question:

What is the name of the enemy that Master Chief battles in Halo 3?

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