Officeworks - WDTV Live - now only $98

16 December 2010

ninkasi posted this a couple of weeks ago for $124 at Officeworks. Now is only $98! I thought I got a bargain when I paid $144 a few months ago.

Absolutely fantastic device - is cheap as they have brought out one which has a built in HDD.

Full HD (1080p), support for most file formats....

I have a 'non-official' firmware update on mine which enables you to view movie sheets (that have the DVD cover, synopsis on the movie, cast, movie length, etc) which I find is much better than having just a big list of movies.

Tempted to buy another one because they are just sooooo cheap!


  • bigal
    apparently the newer official firmware will also play ISOs with full menu support
  • ninkasi
    Yep, and it also brought in more access to internet services/content. Word is that at some point, they will move over to the updated interface on the new 'hub'.

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