Numerous titles reduced to $12.95 @ Play4me +7.2% cashback

13 September 2007 have 36 different EMI titles reduced to $12.95, including free insured post with the coupon below, and you'll also get around 90c cashback for each title purchased!

Also, as Play4me are currently having their 2nd birthday at the moment, all orders over $50 will get a bonus from the 'Play4me lucky dip' and all orders made during their birthday celebrations will also get a free Play4me sticker. :P

Duran Duran's - Greatest Hits pictured on the right.


  • admin EDITOR
    duran duran's greatest hits :D
  • Brad
    aka a randomly selected product
  • ScarletRubies
    so you say. (Nothing wrong with Duran Duran. Simon le Bon was/is a real cutie.)

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