Nintendo Wiimote Black for $19.97 with free postage from Fishpond

29 July 2011

Just got this daily deal from Fishpond.

The link to the product page has the price at $28.25 though?

I've let them know about the price difference so maybe re-check later to see if they honour the lower price or maybe send a request yourself if you're interested in getting one...

Product info -

The Mad Catz Wireless Remote for the Nintendo Wii brings your gaming experience to the next level with state-of-the-art motion-sensing technology, a built-in speaker and responsive, high-quality action buttons.

Reacting to your aim and range of motion, the Wireless Remote allows complete freedom of movement as you throw, slash and swing your way through your favorite Wii games.

Fully compatible with all Nunchuks and Classic Controllersand available in an assortment of vibrant colorsthe Wireless Remotes intuitive controls ensure you wont miss a second of the action.

# Compatible with Wii Motion Plus

# Same features as first party remote

# Compatible with all Nunchuks and Classic Controllers

# Includes Bonus Strap

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    Fishpond have just replied to my question about the price difference, saying - "Please place the order today if you wish, and email us the order number and we will be able to update the price for you." Probably best to get a reply for yourself first....:eek: But I've just re-checked the link and they have indeed changed the price to the advertised $19.97 price. Bless them...

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