'Newbie' DVDs for $19.95 at Play4me (+ free shipping this weekend w/ code)

21 March 2008

At the moment, Play4me is selling some 'new' dvds for $20.

Titles include Hairspray, License to Wed, No Reservations, Music and Lyrics and more....!

Also this weekend is free shipping if you use the code (EASTEREGG).
(link to this post is as attached voucher)

I dont know about anyone else, but this is the cheapest I've seen anywhere for Hairspray!


  • nod
    I don't think I have seen it for cheaper. Even better with the free shipping :)
  • admin EDITOR
    not sure how you will go using the $1 voucher given the comment in the posting but you can certainly give it a whirl and good try for a stack in any case pia

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